Advanced Computer Skills

A quick look at the terms computer science and computer information systems, one would conclude that this terms sound the same, however, they are not. Computer science and computer information systems are entirely two diverse fields with different information bases. Essentially, computer science is a knowledge area that has particularly developed out of mathematics and electrical engineering disciplines. Computer science characteristicallycomprises the design and growth of all kinds of software from mobile phone applicationsto operating systems, interactive games for PCs and phones and other systems of interactive technology.Computer information systems on the other hand is a different discipline totally. This field concentrates on how information is assembled, put in storage, and converted into data.

The main difference as regards digital and analog technologies lies in the fact that, in analog technology, data is converted into electrical pulses of fluctuating amplitude while digital technology concerns the conversion of data is into binary design where every bit signifies two different amplitudes.An arithmetic operation normally deals with handling of data or information in a computational method, that is, addition or subtraction. On the other hand, a logical operation normally involves decision and comparison, however, different schools of thought will normally include logical operations for instance, AND, OR,NOT, and so on.

The knowledge field of Computer Information Systemaccommodates experts who are accountable for installing information setup in an organization. The experts in this particular field offer technical care and support while incorporating security apparatus into multifaceted information setups. Some of the job openings armed with a degree in this field include:Designing computer-based information systems and Health Informatics which is a developing computer information systems field.