Any academic writing always has a format that it should be written with. From letters, research proposals, term papers, dissertations among many others. Without writing in the required format then it will be out rightly rejected before being read. Essay writing is all about expressing your ideas, views, and perceptions in relation to a particular topic. And so your ideas must be written in a flowing manner so as to achieve the desired effect. Here is a simple standard format to help you write your college essay.

Standard Format Requirements

For any essay ensure to use the Word processor such as the Ms-Word. The space in between the lines should be 2.0. The standard size and style should be 12 and times new roman respectively.


This is the first part of an essay. It a very crucial part in that it gives you the chance to introduce the topic that you want to write on. It also gives the writer the opportunity to introduce the thesis statement. Here not much is required but the last sentence should have a transitional hook like effect to the body. Ensure to keep it short, precise, declarative and captivating as much as possible. Ensure not to give much away about the whole essay.


This is the part that holds your ideas, observations, examples, and points you wish to put across to your readers. In this section ensure that you arrange your points in terms of strength. Start with the strongest views and points then towards the end you can finish with your weak views. This will create a sense of connection and fluidity across your essay. Ensure to cite some of your work in case you need to reference. This will prevent your work from being classified as plagiarized. Use any writing style i.e. MLA that you feel you are comfortable with. Also, the length of the body will be determined by the maximum number of words required and the numbers of points you have at hand.

Each paragraph in this body section should have a topic and transition sentence. The topic sentence is the one that highlights the point you want to discuss. The transition sentence links the topic sentences together.


This section is also an integral part of an essay. It should contain an introductory illusion of the first paragraph. Should also contain the summary of the key points highlighted in the body. Finally, it should contain closing statements and remarks signifying the end of the writing and capture your final thoughts regarding the topic you have discussed.

Essay writing is not that complex after all. All you need to have is just your supporting facts, your well thought out topic and you are good to go. This format is just the standard one. It will greatly change if you decide to use the various writing styles such as the MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard styles. All these styles have their own unique specifications that they abide by.