Students are different and they will be inclined to like different subjects early on in their academic life cycle. Some will tend to like Sciences, others humanities while other will have an absolute inclination to literature. Under all these disciplines there are litanies of topics that students can pick from. This will greatly depend on their level of comfortability with the topics. Naturally, students will go for the easy and less stressful essay topics so that they can get over and done with them. Essay topics for college students are very many.


 If you are so passionate about matters environment and nature then be sure to get a host of topics you can tackle ranging from the most talked about climate change and global warming to deforestation and wildlife poaching. They are so numerous that you will be surely spoilt for choices. Other topics that will surely grab your attention include water and waste management, Pollution and matters conservation. Due to the ongoing challenges that are currently bedeviling our mother nature system numerous environmental organs are calling in for papers to be delivered pertaining to matters environment more so the thorny climate change and global warming issue. This discipline, therefore, offers many essay topics for college students to tackle.

Business and Economy

 The world over governments, companies, and individuals are all talking about the state of world economy. This could be a very interesting discipline that has a host of topics you can comfortably handle if you love talking money. There are a host of topics you can handle they include the impact of world trade to the world’s economy, diversification of economic ventures among many others. This discipline mainly encompasses financial issues, trade, economic growth rates just to name but a few.


The humanities is a very broad academic discipline is mainly concerned with how the man throughout history has expressed, confronted and comprehend the complexities of human values. It further seeks to answer the central questions pertaining to the real definition of human life. There are a host of essay topics for college students who are interested in humanities can tackle. These include Communism, poetry, world war, psychology, arts and culture among many more.


If you love literature then you are lucky enough you would not miss any topic to talk about. Some of the topics you could talk about include French literature, German literature, Caribbean literature, African literature, American literature and so on. You could write on a single topic or you could compare and contrast two different literatures of your interest.


The numbers of essay topics students can handle are numerous. Whichever the topic a student may decide to pick on then he/she must handle it with a lot of creativity and seriousness. To produce outstanding essays students must do thorough research on the given topic so that they can clearly display their views and back them with clear and concrete references.