spread of the Zika virus

Define The international team of researchers have tracked the spread of the Zika virus and concluded that it is likely to spread from Brazil, where it is presumed to have caused serious birth defects, to various parts of Americas. Some parts of the United States are expected to be invaded by this virus.

Analyze Awareness on Zika virus was heightened during the summer Olympic Games that took place in Brazil. Zika virus is known to cause mild illness on the infected patients and is transmitted to humans by a day-biting mosquito. The infected pregnant mothers are known to give birth of babies with microcephaly, a condition that makes newborn babies to have underdeveloped brains and small heads. CDC has confirmed that the virus is spread by America’s travelers who have returned from areas affected by Zika virus. It has been estimated that 22.7 million Americans, 23.2 million Colombians and 30.5 million Mexicans are living in areas that are suitable for transmission of Zika virus throughout the year. Personal protection remains the only means to prevent spread of this virus. This news has motivated me to conduct research towards development of vaccines and treatment for this virus. It will cause panic to America’s communities because it has severe implications on them both economically and socially.

Resolve How fast can this virus be detected? How long will it take to develop its vaccines? What are the preventive measures that can be taken by the government to eliminate its spread across the world?

Evaluate This is a critical issue that needs more research on the above posed questions. This information should be more widely publicized to create awareness. The government should create more awareness initiatives on prevention of spreads of this virus so as to avoid more implications and allow for development of vaccines and treatment.