Essays are for sure an integral part of any student’s academic work. Many teachers and lecturers will surely give students countless of essays to gauge their level of understanding in relation to a particular topic or just to stimulate their thinking. But mostly it is done for examination and college entry processes. So a good essay should follow strictly some guidelines so that it can be worth reading by the examiner. Writing an essay requires the writer to be open-minded, creative and a deep thinker. So to help your essay stand out from the rest here are tips and guidelines that you could use.


An essay should look like an essay even before its contents are read. This boils down to impressive formatting. This includes; the paper margins, line spacing, and the font size. The margins on all side; whether left, sides, bottom or top should be 1cm. The lines should be double-spaced, while the font size and design should be 12 and times new roman respectively.

Be direct

Do not beat around this bush! Go straight to the point. Ensure your sentences are short, simple and precise. To make your sentences more impact always try using the active voice tone. This will allow you to communicate effectively.

Stay on the topic till the end

 Focus on the main topic from the first sentence to the last one. Understanding the topic fully will aid you in knowing how to answer the question. If you are talking about food only do not mix it up with stories about fashion.

Connection and Fluidity

 It is imperative that your essay shows utmost fluidity and connection. Sentences and paragraphs should be connected in a manner that brings out clear understanding. If you will not be able to showcase these connections clearly then your essay will have very low ratings

Have a structure

A very captivating essay is one which has a plan and structure. Writing in a haphazard manner will produce very dull and poor body. Plan your paragraphs well. Ensure to start with the strongest of points and ensure that you explain them fully. In addition, plan your conclusion as well as this is the point where you will give your best remarks.

Killer Title

The title of an essay is very crucial. It set the tone and mood for the reader. A dull and long title will not give the reader the enthusiasm of reading your work. A short, clear and precise topic will surely be captivating.

Writing college essays is fun and thrilling if you have planned for it well, do adequate research and with key points, facts and figures. Following the required format will make your work easier when writing the essay. Regardless of the topic your given ensure to carry out thorough research always and always follow instructions given